Digital Service Agreement


This Digital Service Agreement (“Agreement”) enables service acquisitions through the website and outlines the terms under which services are provided within the framework of this agreement. By using digital services through this platform, everyone is considered to have accepted all specified conditions. Disputes arising from these conditions should be addressed to

Contracting Parties:

Name/Company Name:

Service Provider (Company Name): Nihan OZTURK
Address: Umraniye/ISTANBUL/TURKEY
Tax Office / Tax Number: Sarigazi / 71******10

Subject of the Agreement:

This agreement regulates the provision and usage of the digital service specified between the Customer and the Service Provider.

Service Description:

The Service Provider commits to providing the Customer with the following digital services:

Refers to the digital services offered for sale at and the specified scopes for these services.

Term of the Agreement:

This agreement begins on the date of service acquisition and ends 30 days later as agreed by the parties.

Service Fee:

The Customer commits to paying the specified package fee for the digital service to the Service Provider:

In case of continued service acquisition in accordance with the terms of the service contract after applying the specified terms and discounts in purchases, the discount code application continues.

Privacy and Security:

Both parties commit to keeping shared information confidential and securely stored under this agreement.

Cancellation and Refund Conditions:

Both parties agree to adhere to the pre-determined cancellation and refund conditions during the agreement period. In digital service acquisitions, services paid for until the end date of the purchased service are completed. For subsequent calendar periods following the determined time, a new purchase must be made. During this process, if there is a discount coupon or code, it is canceled.

Limitation of Liability:

The Service Provider is not responsible for any direct, indirect, special, or consequential damages under any circumstances.

Communication Between Parties:

All written communication between the parties is conducted through the specified communication information valid during the contract period. Service requests from other forms of correspondence used externally or without written declaration are not considered.

Final Provisions:

This agreement supersedes all previous agreements between the parties. Any changes or additions are not valid without written confirmation.

This agreement has been mutually signed by the parties.

Customer:Service Provider: